NYU Marron Annual Director's Letter


Dear friends and supporters,

When I accepted the position of Director at the Marron Institute of Urban Management one year ago, I could never have predicted the unusual year that would follow. At the Marron Institute, our mission is impact and it drives everything we do. In a year when COVID-19 affected many of our programs and several projects had to be paused, we continued to be loyal to that mission. We work with cities to take on critical challenges in urban living. In this past year, this mandate has never been more important as urban managers and residents have struggled with public health, public safety, mobility, housing affordability, and social justice. Our stakes-in-the-ground approach to applied research was tested during the pandemic as our travel wings were grounded, but we found ways to pivot quickly to assist public agencies and the people they serve. I couldn’t be prouder of our team. It was agile and remained focused on issues that matter. By mid-March, we were reorienting our programming to address emerging needs and our first COVID-19 reports providing recommendations to practitioners followed within weeks. Our faculty and research staff have worked throughout this year to put out relevant content in a timely way. Our north star continues to be impact, along with a focus on financial sustainability to ensure that our institute endures. Below are a few highlights of our work in 2020.

Our programming is primarily supported by a generous, diverse set of funders, which includes domestic and international public agencies, foundations, other nonprofits, for-profit firms, and individual donors. Please consider becoming a supporter. We are committed to continuing this important work. We believe that solving large-scale urban challenges is one of the greatest levers for advancing human progress.

Thank you to our many collaborators, affiliates, and funders for your ongoing support of our Marron Institute. Without you this work, and the impact it is having, would not be possible.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021.

Warm regards,
Angela Hawken


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