Alain Bertaud’s Three Principles for

Metro Vancouver


Senior Fellow Alain Bertaud’s three principles for Metro Vancouver were profiled in an op-ed for the Vancouver Sun, “Vancouver Doesn’t Have an Empty House Problem, It Has an Empty Bedroom Problem,” by former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan. The principles are: urban managers must know economics; quantitative goals, not qualitative goals; and ongoing monitoring, not master plans. Sullivan writes:

Bertaud’s Three Principles can help us achieve housing affordability and solve a host of other urban problems.

They have been distilled from Bertaud’s five decades of working in over 50 cities around the world. As the principal urban planner at the World Bank and author of the internationally acclaimed Order Without Design, he has seen it all.

He wisely refrains from telling cities what to do. Rather, he encourages them to ask the right questions.

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