Civic Analytics

The Civic Analytics program, led by Professor Constantine Kontokosta, works directly with cities to acquire, analyze, and derive insight from data in order to solve tangible and significant problems of city management, policy, and planning.


Health, Environment, and Policy

The Health, Environment, and Policy program, led by Professor Kevin Cromar, improves health through scientific research, direct policy engagement, and collaboration with agencies at the local, federal, and international levels.


Human Exploitation and Resilience

The Human Exploitation and Resilience program, led by Meredith Dank, documents and elevates the voices of the exploited and the vulnerable, highlighting their resilience and perseverance through rigorous, empirical research.



The Litmus program, led by Professor Angela Hawken, works with public agencies and the people they serve to develop and rigorously test new ideas for improving the performance of the public sector.


Transportation and Land Use

The Transportation and Land-Use program, led by Professor Eric Goldwyn, examines transit-infrastructure projects, land-use policies, and complementary data sets to understand how public agencies build, manage, and pay for capital projects, like subway expansions, bicycle lanes, and high speed rail. 

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Urban Expansion

The Urban Expansion program, led by Professor Shlomo Angel and supported jointly with the NYU Stern Urbanization Project, works with rapidly growing cities to better prepare them for their inevitable growth.


Director’s Office Labs

The Director’s Office, led by the Director of NYU Marron Institute, opportunely engages with researchers on urban-focused projects that can develop into full programs if they demonstrate impact and are viable.