The Marron Institute conducts innovative applied research, working with cities to take on critical challenges of urban living.

Cities are central to economic development and the entrepreneurial and technological advances that improve the human condition. But urban density has a downside: it can exacerbate pollution, overburden infrastructure and public services, and increase the potential for crime and violence. We are championing a new model of academic research to address these challenges and improve the opportunities available to the billions of urban residents around the world.
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Air Quality

The Air Quality Program, led by Professor Kevin Cromar, works to improve the health and welfare of urban residents by finding cost-effective ways to monitor and reduce air pollution.



The Litmus Program, led by Professor Angela Hawken, works with public agencies and the people they serve to develop and rigorously test new ideas for improving the performance of the public sector.


Urban Expansion

The Urban Expansion Program, led by Professor Shlomo Angel and supported jointly with the NYU Stern Urbanization Project, works with rapidly-growing cities to make room for their inevitable expansion.


Civic Analytics

The Civic Analytics Program, led by Professor Constantine Kontokosta, works directly with cities to acquire, analyze, and derive insight from data in order to solve tangible and significant problems of city management, policy, and planning.


Crime and Justice

The Crime and Justice Program, founded by the late Professor Mark Kleiman, works to reduce crime and mass incarceration, and to develop sensible approaches to drug policy.