Litmus promotes innovation in the public sector. We work with public agencies and the people they serve to develop and test new ideas for improving performance. We encourage our partners to try something new and partner with them on proof-of-concept implementations, ranging from low-cost tweaks of practices to large-scale transformation projects. 

We have seen firsthand the power of data to effect change. We work with our partners to improve their data infrastructure, so they have better access to their data in a format they can use and act on. Our goal is to strengthen agencies’ capacity to gather insights, make data-driven decisions, and seamlessly integrate evaluation into routine practice.

We believe in the importance of people and place and never adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to policies and practices. Whether working with agencies in criminal justice, education, healthcare, or social services, we aim to change the way that knowledge is created in the public sector.

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Our Work

Leader: Angela Hawken

Angela Hawken

Director  / NYU Marron Institute

Program Director  / Litmus

Professor of Public Policy  / NYU Marron Institute