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Mindy Tarlow Joins NYU Marron Leading the



NYU Marron welcomes Mindy Tarlow to its research team, where she will direct the SCALE + Lab as a Senior Fellow and Research Professor. The SCALE + Lab is an action-oriented, collaborative platform for building sustained growth and impact of interventions that advance safety, health, and economic mobility. The lab’s initial body of work, the Behavioral Health Emergency Response Initiative, aims to transform the nation’s emergency response system as part of a broader shift in how we define and build safe and healthy communities. Prior to NYU Marron, Tarlow was a Managing Director at Blue Meridian Partners, a collaboration of philanthropic investors that has pooled over $4 billion to date to scale social and economic mobility solutions. She has also held positions leading the Mayor’s Office of Operations in New York City, as the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Employment Opportunities, and as Deputy Director in New York City’s Office of Management and Budget.

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