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Meredith Dank Releases Reports on First-of-Kind

Human-Trafficking Studies


Director of Human Exploitation and Resilience, Meredith Dank, has released two reports on first-of-kind human-trafficking studies. In the National Institute of Justice report, “Understanding the Trafficking of Children for the Purposes of Labor in the United States,” Dank and her co-authors from Northeastern University and Loyola School of Law conclude:

Many of the findings in this report suggest that not only do existing federal, state and local systems need a number of improvements and enhancements, but also new policies, procedures, and systems need to be created to better prevent, identify and assist victims and survivors of child labor trafficking.

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In “Between Hope and Hardship: Migration and Work Experiences of Ethiopian Domestic Workers in Jordan, Kuwait, and Lebanon,” commissioned by the Freedom Fund, Dank and her UMass Lowell co-authors had the goal:

This exploratory study sets out to understand the decision-making, migration patterns, employment experiences, social networks and help-seeking behaviours among Ethiopian migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in three Middle Eastern countries: Lebanon, Kuwait, and Jordan.

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