First Ever Study on Youth Forced Labor in Uganda


Human Exploitation and Resilience Senior Research Associate Lauren Moton and Research Professor Meredith Dank, along with Yu-Hsuan Liu (CUNY) and Marron collaborator Andrea Hughes, have authored “An Exploration into the Lived Experiences of Young People Forced to Beg and Sell Goods in Kampala, Uganda” in the Journal of Human Trafficking:

This study has explored the complex lived experiences of children and youth forced to beg and sell goods in Kampala, Uganda. The findings…make apparent the tremendous need for clear policy and programming aimed to reduce violence against street children and youth, identify and remove young people from exploitative labor and connect them to reliable resources, and to prevent those who are vulnerable to becoming ensnared within forced labor circumstances by equipping various institutions and organizations with resources to aid the victims of forced labor.

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