Transit Costs Team on Vox's Today Explained

"Why We Can’t Have Nice Trains”

Fellow Jonathan English appeared on the Vox podcast, Today Explained, in the episode, “Why We Can’t Have Nice Trains.” He discussed the broad history of high-speed rail in the United States, starting with the case for it.


It changes the psychology of the relationships between cities in the U.S. when they’re connected by something that is both fast and really reliable and also really high capacity. High-speed rail could make America’s urban regions feel much more united, feel much more combined, feel a lot more economic and social connection.

In the second half, journalist Jerusalem Demsas joined the host, Sean Rameswaram, to discuss her Vox piece, “Why Does It Cost So Much to Build Things in America?” which features the Transportation and Land-Use program and their case study on the Boston Green Line Extension.

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