Urban Expansion Program Holds Webinar

On Its Initiatives in Ethiopia and Colombia

On December 7, the fourth session of the Urban Expansion webinar series, “The NYU Urban Expansion Initiatives in Ethiopia and Colombia: A Critical Assessment,” was co-hosted with Buildings and Cities. Senior Fellow Paul Romer led a panel that examined initiatives that could encourage local governments to take action, noting:

To a surprising extent, we all operate on the basis of intuitions and insights, instincts, feelings that trace a long way back in time and in many cases are grounded in emotion rather than reason....In trying to describe the opportunities that could be exploited to make people better off, we’re often fighting...this quick recourse to emotion that guides so many decisions, and it’s a battle that we’ll ultimately win....These facts are really astonishing and they’re very encouraging, they suggest things that could be done to lead to remarkable improvements in the quality of life for people around the world...and that message ultimately will get through, and the world will be better because of it.

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