Remembering Marie-Agnès Bertaud


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear colleague, Marie-Agnès. Marie-Agnès was a Fellow at NYU Marron and an inspiration to many, a sharp mind full of insight, exuding kindness and a warmth endearing her to us all. She brought a smile and a ready conversation to our meetings at Marron. Together, Marie-Agnès and her husband, Alain, have been a powerful force in urbanism and enjoyed an awe-inspiring life of adventure. To learn more about Marie-Agnès’ life, we suggest listening to her on the Order Without Design podcast; here are some memorable quotes:

Alain: We loved New York very much, but then there was this, we saw an advertisement for Yemen. I told Marie-Agnès one evening, “Hey, there’s this job for an urban planner in Yemen.” She immediately says, “Yes, this is wonderful. Let’s go.”

Marie-Agnès: In many of the places we have lived, there was no existing map.

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