Kevin Cromar Awarded Funding from NASA

Improving Utilization of NASA Health and Air Quality Data

Director of Health, Environment, and Policy, Kevin Cromar, has received a research grant from NASA to improve access and utilization of NASA data products for health and air-quality applications. Cromar will be the principal investigator for the project, a collaboration with several universities (George Washington, Washington University, Florida State, Texas, and George Mason). Stakeholders that will help shape and implement the project include intergovernmental organizations (UN Environment Programme, UNICEF, WHO, and World Bank); federal agencies (CDC, USDA, and NASA’s Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center); local health and air-quality agencies (California Department of Public Health and Georgia Environmental Protection Division); and US-based health organizations (Health Effects Institute and American Thoracic Society).

Beyond the immediate research goals of the project, Cromar is also providing NYU students opportunities to engage with the stakeholders through research positions and internships. This project is an example of the type of scientific and professional capacity building between academics and practitioners that characterizes the Marron Institute’s approach to applied research.

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