Eric Goldwyn Interviewed on ClimateOne Podcast

Director of Transportation and Land Use, Eric Goldwyn, was featured on the ClimateOne podcast episode, “How a Manufactured Car Culture Blocks Transit.” Goldwyn discussed why it’s so difficult to build cost-effective, reliable public transit in the United States. On flattening the curve of transit demand to reduce the need to build capacity at peak times:

What I’d like to see is a de-emphasis on peak service and a movement to all-day service. If you look at a city like Rome or Mexico City and how they provision transportation services, I’m going to make this up a little bit, starting at six in the morning, they just start running the buses, the light rail, the trams, the subways. And then they keep a very healthy frequency, say every five minutes, every ten minutes until eight o’clock at night. That way, it draws people in who aren’t necessarily commuting for work, that peak-demand issue you were alluding to, because you have smoothed that out. But you do still create that opportunity that people can depend on and rely on transit at any time of day, and I think that is the key.

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