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Annual Director’s Update 2022


Dear friends and supporters,

Enough already! We’d hoped this year would bring a return to normalcy but find ourselves navigating a trifecta of viruses. Still, between monitoring fevers and doling out Kleenex to loved ones, I’m enjoying the buzz of the holiday season. It’s time to reflect on 2022 and reenergize ourselves to tackle 2023 with gusto.

At the Marron Institute, our mission is impact. In our 2022 program highlights below, you’ll read how our faculty and research scholars remain true to this mission, shaping policy and practice at the highest levels. Thanks to their work, cities are more inclusive and their inhabitants more resilient, the air is cleaner, AI is less biased, public transport is more cost-effective, and justice systems are fairer.

We are grateful to our donors who support our stakes-in-the-ground programming and trust us to be careful stewards of their resources. We believe in what we do and look to grow our impact. If you aren’t one already, please consider becoming a supporter. Solving pressing urban challenges is one of the greatest levers for advancing human progress. I am proud of what we achieved in 2022 and excited to see what we will build together in 2023.

Thank you to our many stakeholders. Without your support of the NYU Marron Institute, none of this work would be possible. Wishing you all happy and healthy holidays and new year and we hope to see many of you in person in 2023.

Warm regards,
Angela Hawken

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