Alon Levy Speaks on Bloomberg TV

On Infrastructure Costs and President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

Fellow Alon Levy appeared on Bloomberg TV’s “What’d You Miss?” to speak about “why American infrastructure construction costs have exploded and countries the U.S. can look to for guidance on Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan.” There was discussion about the possibility of managerial-level exchange programs for knowledge transfer, and Levy noted:

What you want is to send someone on an exchange for a longer period measured in months. And, I know there are exchange programs between various European railways already. I know someone who works for the German Railway, Deutsche Bahn, who was doing this for a couple of weeks in Russia, and they also do this with Japan, so it’s not just internally to Western Europe. So, participating in this program and hiring people. Hiring some of the managers from agencies in Spain, Italy, Sweden, and so on and having them help run infrastructure construction in America could be really useful.

In addition, Levy has been active on their blog, Pedestrian Observations, responding to both the infrastructure plan and the conversation on U.S. high-speed rail. Relevant posts include:

“High-Speed Rail and Connecting Transit”: Levy comments on Noah Smith’s “I Don’t Get the High-Speed Rail Thing (Yet).”

“Streaming the Biden Infrastructure Plan”: Levy critiques the plan.

“European Urbanism and High-Speed Rail”: Levy compares American and European urbanism as they relate to high-speed rail.

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