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NYU Urban Seminar Series

Equity, Design, & Climate Change

Co-sponsored by NYU Wagner, NYU Department of Environmental Studies, and UPSA.

Cities today are growing quickly. The UN projects that continuing population growth and urbanization will add 2.5 billion people to the world’s urban centers by 2050. Even as our cities expand, unprecedented climate events flood our urban spaces, redraw shorelines, and devastate infrastructure. In the face of these twinned challenges of rapid growth and climate change, how do we design our cities so that they are inclusive, and remain centers of economic growth and creative dynamism that integrate new arrivals, while at the same time becoming more resilient to climate change? How do we ensure that our design approaches promote equity in our cities, and address climate change impacts that are most often felt by the economically vulnerable populations and areas of our cities? How do we create a design process that is inclusive, represents the needs of different urban constituencies, and draws on the creativity of all residents as we address emergent climate shifts? The 2018 NYU Urban Seminar Series will include urban planners, designers, researchers, practitioners, and artists whose work explores the intersection of equity, design, and climate change.

All lectures will be hosted at the Puck Building, located at: 295 Lafayette St, 2nd Floor, New York, NY


February 12Climate Change and the Future of Cities by Eric Klinenberg

February 28Design Experiments for the Rebuilding of Houston and other Disaster Cities by Natalie Jeremijenko

March 28: Designing to Avoid Disaster by Thomas Fisher

April 4City Design in Times of Proliferating Informality and Climatological Crisis by Alfredo Brillembourg

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