Anatomy of Density Series Session: 2

Urban Expansion Program Holds Second Anatomy of Density Webinar


On April 15, the Urban Expansion program hosted its second session of the Anatomy of Density webinar series, “Densify and Expand.” Director of Urban Expansion, Solly Angel, and Research Scholar Patrick Lamson-Hall presented their article, “Densify and Expand: A Global Analysis of Recent Urban Growth.” This was followed by a panel discussion that included moderator Roger Keil of York University, Tatiana Gallego Lizon of the Inter-American Development Bank, and Jules Bailey, a former Multnomah County, Ore., commissioner. During his introductory remarks, Keil referenced a passage from the article:

Making room through orderly urban expansion requires the public sector to actively engage with development on the urban periphery, but such engagement is unlikely to take place as long as advocates for the compact-city paradigm keep pressing for containment, choosing to look away from disorderly urban expansion—as though waiting for it to magically disappear—instead of seeking to manage urban expansion properly.

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