Partnering with the Politics Department

New Course Opportunities for NYU Students

Starting in the Fall semester of 2017, the Marron Institute will partner with NYU's Politics Department and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to offer students new courses and research opportunities in the field of urban-related policy and management. Though cities are centers of growth, innovation, and culture, they confront a number of important policy questions about challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, public health crises, political instability, and conflict. It is these questions to which Marron faculty members and researchers address their efforts. 

Coursework and research topics will include:

  • Improving public performance: randomized control trials for practitioner-led innovation
  • Criminal justice reform: reducing crime and reducing incarceration
  • Environmental health and policy
  • Preparing for rapid urban growth in low and middle income countries
  • Urban land use, housing, and transportation policy
  • Municipal governance and the financial health of cities
  • Drugs: public health and public policy

Courses will be open to a variety of NYU students. If you are interested in taking a course from a Marron faculty member, keep an eye on this site for updates and subscribe to our newsletter. If you are a graduate student in the Politics program who is interested in exploring research opportunities with Marron, please send a message expressing interest and a copy of your CV to Nicole Eason: nicole [dot] eason [at] nyu [dot] edu.

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