Marron Institute to Host Harkness Fellow

+ Brandon Fuller

We are pleased to announce that Joe Beaglehole, recent recipient of the 2017 New Zealand Harkness Fellowship, will visit the Marron Institute in the Fall of 2018 to explore the challenges faced by fast-growing cities in New Zealand and around the world. Currently, Beaglehole serves as a Senior Policy Analyst in New Zealand's Ministry for the Environment where he focuses on urban policy issues. Beaglehole earned his master's degree from NYU as a Fulbright Scholar in 2009. Beaglehole will work with Shlomo Angel and the Urban Expansion research team here at the Marron Institute while also interacting with urban scholars and practitioners throughout the city and the University. We are excited to welcome him back to New York. 

From the Fulbright NZ press release:

Mr. Beaglehole will spend three months in New York on a Harkness Fellowship researching new tools for addressing the challenges of rapid urbanisation. His project, titled “Policy solutions for New Zealand’s urban growth challenge” will address New Zealand’s rapid urban growth, which according to Mr. Beaglehole, has led to deteriorating housing and environmental outcomes, and is increasing pressure on New Zealand’s local governance, planning and infrastructure investment policy settings.

“The objective of work supported through this Harkness Fellowship is to gather insights for current New Zealand policy thinking into how urban governance and planning institutions and policy frameworks can deliver the benefits of growth while mitigating the costs. Basing myself for 12 weeks at a leading urban policy think tank in New York City, I will have access to world leading thinkers who are confronting these issues,” said Beaglehole. He will be based at Marron Institute, New York University for the duration of his fellowship.

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