Alain Bertaud Delivers Talk on Order vs. Planning

The Fight Between Spontaneous Order and Central Planning

On May 7, Senior Fellow Alain Bertaud was the featured speaker at the Institute for Liberal Studies’ online lecture series with his talk, “Jane Jacobs’ Fight Continues! Spontaneous Order vs Utopian Urban Planning.” Bertaud commented on the disheartening trend of recent master plans in Africa. On the Lekki New Township master plan in Lagos, Bertaud said:

I’m not too worried that this is going to be implemented, so why worry about it? Well, it’s worrying because it distracts from the problems of Lagos, which are real. And, instead of concentrating on trying to solve the problem of transport, of drainage in Lagos, the government proposes this type of idea, “now we are going to start from scratch and we have this design, which will solve this.


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