An increasingly urban world demands ever-improving urban management. The Marron Institute works with cities to improve health, safety, mobility, and inclusiveness. Marron is dedicated to working with residents, officials, and practitioners to address pressing challenges on issues such as city planning, criminal justice, and environmental health.

Good urban management is the efficient provision of public safety, public health, and public space. In a world with ever more urban residents, better urban management will unlock the collaborative potential of cities and empower billions of people to better their lives.

Started with a generous gift from our founding donor, Donald B. Marron, the Marron Institute partners with government and intergovernmental agencies, NGOs, philanthropic foundations, and other academic institutions to work on pressing urban challenges around the world.

The Marron Institute currently supports four programs: Litmus, Air Quality, Crime and Justice, New Cities, and Urban Expansion. 

  • Litmus, led by Professor Angela Hawken, promotes innovation and experimentation in the public sector.
  • Air Quality, led by Professor Kevin Cromar, works to improve the health and welfare of urban residents by finding cost-effective ways to monitor and reduce air pollution. 
  • Crime and Justice, led by Professor Mark Kleiman, works to reduce crime and mass incarceration, and develop sensible approaches to drug policy. 
  • Urban Expansion, led by Professor Shlomo Angel and supported jointly with the NYU Stern Urbanization Project, works with rapidly-growing cities to make room for their inevitable expansion.
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The Marron Institute of Urban Management is located on New York University's Washington Square Campus in New York City.

New York University
60 5th Ave, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011