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Crime Control Policy

New Spring 2018 Course Offering from Mark Kleiman

This Spring, NYU’s Wilf Family Department of Politics will offer a new course taught by Mark Kleiman of NYU’s Marron Institute of Urban Management. This graduate-level course is open to graduate students and undergraduates from across the campus.

Crime Control Policy (POL-GA 2332)
Monday and Wednesday, 6:20 PM - 8:20 PM
4 Credits

Description: Crime and crime control generate heated debate and engage deep philosophical and social issues, from the nature of responsibility to the causes of inter-ethnic tension.  Much of the crime-control debate starts from moral presuppositions and legal categories.  The immediate, practical issue of what policies will reduce the extent of crime and the damage done by crime tends to get lost in the shuffle. This course considers the basic questions of policy analysis, as applied to crime:  What is the nature and extent of the problem?  What are the options for dealing with it?  What are the likely consequences of pursuing each possible mix of crime control activities?  Of those bundles of outcomes, which is the most attractive? Crime control policy also provides a window into the practice of policy analysis, and an intellectually challenging opportunity to apply social science concepts to real-world problems.

On NYU Albert, go to Graduate School of Arts and Sciences > Politics (POL-GA) to find the course. For additional information, please contact: or call (212) 992-6860.

Sample Syllabus*

*Syllabus subject to change for Spring 2018.

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