NYU Reintegration Programs

Raechel Bosch, a staff member of NYU’s Prison Education Program, cited Litmus' Graduated Reintegration program as an example of an initiative "linking what’s happening in our direct community and bringing that into our work as an educational institution,” at a panel on prison reintegration. Washington Square News reports:

The reintegration program from NYU juxtaposes the university’s corporate partnerships with companies that are said to contribute to the prison-industrial complex such as NYU’s previous dining provider, Aramark, and its current provider, Chartwells, whose parent company — Compass Group — provides vending services to prisons in Florida, Michigan and Canada.... The work of PEP and other reintegration programs such as NYU School of Law’s Prison Reform and Education Project or the work of the Marron Institute of Urban Management, provides a learning moment for NYU, Bosch said.

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