Introducing AmericanViolence.Org

Better Data for Everyone Devoted to Reducing Violent Crime

Introducing, a new site from NYU Sociology Professor Patrick Sharkey. The site currently provides up-to-date city-level figures on murder rates in more than 80 of the largest 100 U.S. cities and the next version of the site, due this Fall, will feature neighborhood-level figures on violent crime in 30-50 cities with available data.


Here's Sharkey on the motivation for the site:

I started this project because the research I have been doing for the last several years has convinced me that violence is the fundamental problem of American cities--if public spaces are not safe, then the very idea of city life breaks down. But I have also found that when violence falls, public life flourishes, schools start to work, families return to parks and playgrounds, and children have greater opportunities to learn, to find jobs nearby, and to move upward and out of poverty as they progress toward adulthood. In my recent book, Uneasy Peace, I laid out an agenda to reduce violence in every city and neighborhood across the country. To realize that agenda we need better research on violence, and that starts with data. My hope is that this site will complement other resources that have become available to focus the attention of the public and policy makers on the challenge of reducing violence.

Sharkey launched this site with research support from NYU's Department of Sociology and Center for Data Science. The Marron Institute provided administrative support for this project.


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