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The Emptying of New York City

A recent post on details the urban density research conducted by the NYU Stern Urbanization Project’s Solly Angel and Patrick Lamson-Hall. Their working paper, “The Rise and Fall of Manhattan’s Densities, 1800-2010,” measures how the density within the built-up area of Manhattan has changed over the course of two hundred years.

This exhaustive study, which Salon calls “possibly the most detailed examination of how urban density changes over time,” has yielded some surprising findings about population density in Manhattan:

“…This level of detail shows that it wasn’t just the Lower East Side, with more than 1,500 persons per hectare, that was unusually dense in 1910. Nearly all of Manhattan, even the recently urbanized Upper East Side, was as dense as the island’s densest neighborhoods today.”

To read the full article, go here.

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