Urbanization as Opportunity: NIC Global Trends 2030

+ Brandon Fuller

The National Intelligence Council launched a blog in support of its Global Trends 2030 report—a scenario planning exercise meant to inform medium and long term decision making in the American intelligence community. The Urbanization Project was asked to contribute an entry to a series of posts about Urbanization’s Implications for Governance.

Looking forward to 2030, UP is optimistic about the prospects for urbanization to enhance global stability and buoy trade and investment flows. We believe that inclusive urban planning strategies, grounded in the understanding that urban expansion is inevitable, are more likely to result in cities that are accessible, affordable, and peaceful. We also believe that new cities, based on innovative models of international cooperation, have an important role to play in driving reform, unlocking high-return investment opportunities, and improving the choices of urban migrants.

Read the full post here.

Other contributions include Chatham House’s Xenia Dormandy on urbanization and inequality, as well as McKinsey’s Jonathan Woetzel on the increasing influence of successful cities in global affairs. From Woetzel’s post:

Successful cities are the future – there is no other model for human development. The urban world will be one in which we will be first and foremost, citizens of cities.

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