Marron Institute at the Tenth World Urban Forum

The Marron Institute’s Urban Expansion Research team will attend the tenth World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi to speak on three panels. 

Research Scholar María Monica Salazar and Marron Fellow Nicolás Galaza will speak on a panel titled, Cities and Data – Urban Monitoring and Governance for Achievement of Sustainable Cities. This panel will discuss the role of data monitoring and reporting in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the New Urban Agenda (NUA). 

Research Scholar Patrick Lamson-Hall will speak on two panels. The first, Making Room for Urban Growth: Understanding the Anatomy of Density, will engage participants in a presentation and workshop on several exciting new developments in the densification of cities. Lamson-Hall will present a recently developed analytical frame on the Anatomy of Density. The second, Building Back Better in the Small Island States of the Commonwealth, will discuss disaster recovery in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Lamson-Hall will focus on experiences from practitioners and citizens of SIDS that have attempted to recover from climate related disasters, and will share NYU’s integrated climate protection and low carbon national development strategy from experiences in Grenada.

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