Principles for an MTA Turnaround Plan

In a recent oped for The New York Daily News, MTA board members Scott Rechler and Carl Weisbrod (a senior fellow with the Marron Institute) offer a set of principles to guide the implementation of congestion pricing in New York City.

Without a turnaround plan that addresses our entire transportation network, our region faces economic ruin. Simply maintaining the status quo will force residents to face a future in which long, unpredictable commutes deteriorate our overall quality of life.

Luckily, we have a viable alternative. It is called congestion pricing, a program that has been successfully deployed in cities from London to Stockholm to Singapore. In New York, it would entail charging a fee on all vehicles entering Manhattan’s central business district.

The plan would provide a significant new source of revenue to overhaul our aging transportation system, including our subways, while simultaneously creating economic incentives to reduce traffic in our most gridlocked neighborhoods.

Read the OpEd

Tile photo courtesy of Grahame Jenkins.

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