Order Without Design Is Translated into

Portuguese and Discussed in Brazil


Senior Fellow Alain Bertaud has continued his travels to discuss his book, Order Without Design:

  • Bertaud traveled to Brazil for a four-city tour of São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, and Belo Horizonte, where he lectured and attended meetings with municipal councils, universities, and the private sector. His book was recently published in Portuguese by Bookman, through the support of Caos Planejado.
  • Bertaud visited the College of Charleston, where he headlined Adam Smith Week and spoke on “Are modern city managers the slaves of some defunct philosopher? Unfortunately, they have chosen Jean Jacques Rousseau instead of Adam Smith!”

Bertaud was also a recent guest on the podcasts Rethinking with Dror PolegThe Political Orphanage, with Andrew Heaton, and Abundance, with Nolan Gray.

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