Litmus Awarded Grants On Opioid Use Disorder

The Marron Institute’s Litmus Program Director, Angela Hawken, and her group have been awarded five new research grants with criminal justice offices around the country, under the Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program sponsored by the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance:

  • With the Seattle Police Department, Litmus is helping the IF Project to provide access to medication-assisted treatment (MAT), housing, and other services in the community to women with a history of opioid use disorder (OUD) returning to King County from prison.
  • In Dekalb County, Illinois, Litmus is helping Court Services with early detection of OUD and improved system responses to persons with OUD, including diversion from prosecution, access to MAT, and other recovery-support services.
  • In Winnebago County, Wisconsin, Litmus is helping the District Attorney’s Office to improve data infrastructure and develop strategies to screen for OUD, divert persons with OUD from justice supervision into treatment, and expand collaboration with veteran services.
  • Litmus is partnering with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, and the virtual-reality company Nsena, to develop, employ, and evaluate VR modules for OUD treatment and education.
  • Finally, Litmus is supporting the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to evaluate the impact of providing the opioid-overdose reversal drug naloxone to persons returning from prison to the community and to improve the state’s Overdose Information Network (ODIN) and data-sharing process.
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