Probation and Parole Officers Rethink Their Rules

"Community Supervision Response to COVID 19," a survey created by the Litmus Program, was referenced in a story by The Marshall Project

With government buildings closed across the country, check-ins at parole and probation offices are all but suspended nationwide. Many departments are doing drug testing only in the most high-risk cases, according to a small New York University survey and interviews with people in the probation and parole field, known as “community corrections.” And with jails overcrowded and courthouses shuttered, some departments have stopped making arrests for breaking the rules of supervision—known as “technical violations”—unless there’s an imminent safety threat. Some places have formally ordered officers to stop bringing people to jail for technical violations. In others, fewer home visits and check-ins mean fewer opportunities for officers to discover broken rules.

The survey was also mentioned in a story by KTVB-TV in Idaho.

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