Laura Gladson Receives Young Investigator Award

Laura Gladson, graduate assistant in the Air Quality program, recently received a Young Investigator Award from the American Thoracic Society for one of the best abstracts at their annual international conference. The work she presented was from the joint NYU-ATS Health of the Air project, which provides annual estimates of the health impacts of air pollution in US cities with air-quality monitors. The health impacts attributed to air pollution are calculated for fine particulate matter and ozone levels greater than recommended by ATS. This year’s estimates show that meeting these recommendations would avoid 14,650 deaths, 2,950 cases of lung cancer, 33,000 additional illnesses (hospital admissions, emergency department visits, etc.), and 39.8 million days of missed school and work. The report accompanying the analysis will be released soon and disseminated to the public and air-quality managers around the country.

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