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Ciudades con Futuro

Marron Research Scholar Nicolás Galarza presented on a panel at Conferencia CAF: Ciudades con Futuro. The panel, titled "How to Generate Greater Equity and Inclusion?", was recorded and can be watched here. CAF also featured Galarza in an article titled, "Latinamerican Leaders make a call for cities to be the center of regional development", in which they highlighted many of the key takeaways from the first day of the Conference. 

During the first day of the CAF Conference: Cities with Future, international experts, Latin American ministers, and mayors called for converting cities into the main engines of economic growth and social inclusion, through orderly planning, advances in the urban resilience and improvements in the provision of public services. 

The panel "How to Generate Greater Equity and Inclusion" was introduced by Carlos Bruce Montes de Oca, Peru's Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, and composed of Mario Burbano de Lara, Government Counselor for the "Casa para Todos" Program, Ecuador; Gonzalo Delgado, President of the Interamerican Federation of the Construction Industry; Nicolás Galarza, New York University; Martim Smolka, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy; and Rodolfo Suárez, Mayor of Mendoza, Argentina. The panel discussed the challenges of urban planning and the provision of housing.

Additionally, Nicolás Galarza from New York University, considers it necessary to adopt "stakes in the ground to promote orderly expansion, so we don't have to continue to do reactive planning. We suggest a minimalist achievable intervention based on the laying out and acquiring an grid of arterial roads thats serves as a backbone for development."

To read the full article, click here.

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