Kleiman's Ideas Continue to Influence the Field


The ideas and work of the late Marron faculty member, Mark Kleiman, are referenced in several publications:

  • National Review: On marijuana legislation: "The work of the late drug-policy scholar Mark Kleiman convinced me 'that possession and use should be legal — but that sales should be confined to nonprofits, user cooperatives and state monopolies.'"
  • City & State New York: On marijuana legislation: "Some legalization experts, like the late Mark Kleiman, a former public policy professor at New York University’s Marron Institute, argued that stiff penalties for unlicensed dealing are needed to entice both buyers and sellers into the legal market, which will be more expensive because it’s taxed."
  • The National Interest: On policing: "Just as society must recognize the limits of military power to change civilizations that are centuries old, we must also confront limits to the efficacy of government-imposed punishment to change individuals. The late criminologist Mark Kleiman captured this truth in his book When Brute Force Fails."
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