Planning for Resilient Urban Growth

A Handbook from 100 Resilient Cities

The Marron Institute recently collaborated with 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) on a handbook to help rapidly growing cities prepare for growth. Marron's Patrick Lamson-Hall and 100RC's Rebecca Laberenne describe the effort in a recent post that links to the handbook:

Uncontrolled rapid urban expansion poses a number of resilience challenges, including increased levels of informality, environmental degradation, decreased social equity, and increased disaster risk exposure. Recognizing the complex relationship between the growth of cities and their resilience, 100 Resilient Cities partnered with New York University’s Marron Institute of Urban Management to study the trajectory and consequences of rapid urban expansion in 20 of our fastest-growing cities. The findings of this study informed the creation of the new 100RC Handbook: Planning for Resilient Urban Growth, which explains how cities experiencing high levels of urban growth and informality can build resilience through the implementation of cost-effective urban expansion plans.

See the Handbook

Tile photo by Daggy J Ali.

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