Sponsorship of parks in Valledupar

Nicolás Galarza, a Research Scholar for the Marron Institute's Urban Expansion Program, was quoted in El Pilón, a Colombian news site. He discusses recommendations made by members of a Stern Signature Project, in partnership with the Urbanization Project, that was focused on improving public spaces in Valledupar, Columbia.

This is what the Mayor's Office of Valledupar seeks to implement after research carried out by the University of New York during the last semester of 2017.

Nicolás Galarza, a researcher at New York University Marron Institute, explained, "during the investigation we realized that there are several collaborative schemes in which the private sector would manage and be responsible for the maintenance of parks, freeing the mayorship of those burdens. This is a win-win scheme: from the private sector's point of view this would mean that it will be a park that would have more people visiting, improved security, improved traffic, increased sales for businesses, higher property values; and from the administration's point of view, it would save significant resources to be allocated to the city's other priorities. The plan would simultaneously enhance the urban environment and enforce the idea that parks should always be a the service of the citizens."

These so-called 'improvement districts' also motivate the generation of employment or impulse of entrepreneurial ideas for the inhabitants of those sectors where there is a park, thus leaving a clear outline that does not close the doors to business models that the neighbors want to promote in an organized way in the parks of its sector.

For his part, the director of ProValledupar, Robert Martínez Murgas, clarified that the city promotion agency will be the channel through which citizens can access this program for those who are interested in implementing such an association in the park. its immediate area, without the need for competition from the university or any other institution.

"As a municipal administration we like the idea of implementing innovative elements to our environment. In this case, the New York University group in its line of research brings a concept that in New York has been gaining importance and is the articulation of businesses near strategic sites and whose articulation ends up enhancing urban tourism advantages at the same time that the commercial dynamics of the sector is reinforced. We decided to support them with legal security, in the same way we will develop a research line to determine the conditions in which the parks are located and make permanent measurements to know their evolution, support to promote business ideas and of course the unconditional support of the municipal administration for all this, "Martinez Murgas said.

The visit of the group of researchers of the University began Thursday night with a tour of the Historical Center of Valledupar analyzing the current conditions and structuring ideas for its use and, therefore, the reinforcement of the elements of urban tourism in the city.

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