Why the US Sucks at Building Public Transit

Why is that? And what can we do to fix it?

In a recent Vice article, “Why the US Sucks at Building Public Transit” by Aaron Gordon, Marron Fellow Alon Levy is quoted throughout, and his infrastructure project work with Marron Research Scholar Eric Goldwyn is also mentioned. 

[The U.S.] needs to learn what works in Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Belgium, Norway, Taiwan, Finland, Austria,” Levy wrote. “It needs to learn how to plan around cooperation between different agencies and operators, how to integrate infrastructure and technology, how to use 21st-century engineering. To that end, Levy and fellow researcher Eric Goldwyn just received a two-year grant from [Arnold Ventures] via New York University to study why U.S. construction costs are so high. 

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