‘City on a Hill’ Review: Utopia, American-Style

Solly Angel writes for the Wall Street Journal

Director of Urban Expansion Solly Angel recently reviewed Alex Krieger’s “City on a Hill: Urban Idealism in America from the Puritans to the Present” for The Wall Street Journal.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that most of the urban ideals of the past detailed in Mr. Krieger’s “City on a Hill” will be of little use. He himself concludes with “it might be best if the tendency to decamp—to go West, young man—continued to wane.” Indeed, we need to stop running away to seek fresh starts and commit ourselves to renew and transform our aging cities—beloved and disdained, tired and used up, sprawled and polluted, wasteful and unjust, congested and exuberant, dangerous and ugly as they may be—into new and unimaginable communities.

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