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Neighborhoods, Race, and High Energy Bills

Neighborhoods With More People of Color Pay Higher Energy Bills

Constantine Kontokosta, Director of the Marron Institute’s Civic Analytics Program, along with Research Scholar Bartosz Bonczak and University of Pennsylvania Urban Planning Professor Vincent J. Reina, were featured in City Lab for their study titled Energy Cost Burdens for Low-Income and Minority Households.

At the census block level, they found energy cost burden disparities between white and minority neighborhoods not only for the lowest-income families, but also for households whose incomes fall within 51 to 80 percent of AMI and 81 to 120 percent of AMI. In these brackets, families in minority neighborhoods are more energy cost burdened by an average of 24 percent. In New York City and D.C., researchers found that residents of minority neighborhoods were more cost-burdened even at middle-class incomes, or 121-to-150 percent of AMI.


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