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Kellen Nyamurungi Namusisi Teams with NASA


The Health, Environment, and Policy program and NASA have teamed with the African Centre for Clean Air (ACCA) to build its institutional and technical capacity to support other actors in Africa to use satellite data to complement local low-cost sensor data for decisionmaking on air-pollution management. The goal of the partnership is to increase understanding and utilization of satellite data among key stakeholders in Africa including policymakers, implementers, academia, and the media.

To kickstart the partnership, ACCA and the NYU-NASA project team led a training session with 34 participants from Uganda and the surrounding region on satellite data tools for policymakers and other stakeholders. The session covered satellite data and air-quality forecasts, free and publicly available user-friendly webtools to support stakeholders, and case studies of NASA resources for health and air-quality applications. Graduate student Kellen Nyamurungi Namusisi led the moderated Q&A session for the training. The NYU-NASA project team and ACCA continue to work with government stakeholders to incorporate satellite-data resources into their management processes.

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