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Multimedia project shows changing shape of cities

Shlomo Angel, the Director of the Urban Expansion Program and a Professor of City Planning at the Marron Institute, was cited in a Citiscope article by Gregory Scruggs titled "Multimedia project shows the ever-changing shape of cities". The article discusses the recently released Atlas of Urban Expansion - 2016 Edition. Scruggs "asked Angel identify several cities from the Atlas that demonstrate challenges or opportunities for cities of the future. He picked three pairs of cities that offer intriguing comparisons when it comes to expansion, density and a city’s overall well being." For example, Angel compares Paris and Lagos:

The sophisticated French capital and the chaotic Nigerian mega-city might seem like an odd comparison, but they have roughly the same population — just over 11 million. However, despite Nigeria’s rising economy, Paris remains leagues ahead in financial terms, a fact which has huge implications for land consumption. “Paris is 3.5 times larger than Lagos,” Angel explained, “because the amount of money people in Paris have is 10 times the amount of money people in Lagos. So they consume more land.”

To read the full article, and see the rest of Angel's comparisons, click here

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