How to rescue New Yorkers from transit deserts

+ Eric Goldwyn

Marron Research Scholar Eric Goldwyn discusses New York City's transit network in his piece, “How to rescue New Yorkers from transit deserts” for City & State New York. He writes:

Optimizing New York’s existing transit infrastructure is critical to moving more New Yorkers into the transit system and providing greater access to New York’s jobs, schools and amenities to those without a car. When comparing New Yorkers’ access to jobs by neighborhood, it’s impossible not to recognize the enormous disparities facing those living in transit deserts versus those living in transit-rich neighborhoods. For instance, if we compare the number of jobs within a 30-minute transit ride of Flatlands, Brooklyn, versus midtown Manhattan, the differences are staggering: Flatlanders have access to 75,000 jobs while midtowners have access to 3 million jobs.

Existing infrastructure alone cannot solve New York’s transit desert problem. Ultimately, the subway system must be expanded.

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