How to make NYC safe from cars

New York should take a page from cities like London

+ Eric Goldwyn

Writing in City & State New York, Marron Institute Research Scholar Eric Goldwyn argues that making streets safe and accessible for pedestrians, cyclists, and others is well within New York City's grasp. He encourages the city and its residents to identify budget lines, develop specific policy interventions, and define and advocate for a clear vision.

New York City is in the midst of a battle for its roads. There are over 6,000 miles of roads and highways in the city, and pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and bus riders all want enough space to travel quickly and safely on them. The problem is that road space is finite and it cannot be divided in a way that will make everyone happy. This summer, the conflict between cyclists and drivers has taken an unfortunate turn as a spike in cyclist deathshas reminded us that this fight for space is deadly and urgent. The issue will remain unresolved and the deaths will continue until the city rebuilds its streets around pedestrians, cyclists and mass transit users – rather than drivers.

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