Hiteshew joins EY and Marron Institute

Kent Hiteshew, a Senior Fellow at the Marron Institute, has joined EY's transaction advisory services team. Lynn Hume, a reporter for The Bond Buyer writes, 

"Kent Hiteshew, former director of the U. S. Treasury Department’s Office of State and Local Finance, has joined EY’s transaction advisory services team as a strategic advisor in New York City.

Hiteshew, who was Treasury’s key point person on Puerto Rico before leaving the department in June, will be involved mostly in EY’s government and public sector practice (GPS). He will make introductions and cultivate key relationships for EY, the firm said. He will also work on various kinds of GPS engagements, including restructuring and infrastructure. 

The former Treasury official also has joined the Marron Institute of Urban Management at New York University as a senior fellow. In that post, he will advise the institute’s director on the development of research programming related to municipal finance, infrastructure, public pensions, and fiscally distressed cities and states, the institute said. He will also help analyze the fiscal status of Puerto Rico’s municipalities and make recommendations for improving their fiscal stability. "

Download the PDF here. 

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