A Reflection on the Life and Work of Mark Kleiman

Writing for Vox.com, German Lopez recently reflected on life and work of Professor Mark Kleiman, who passed away on July 21. Lopez provides numerous links to Mark's ideas and contributions to criminal justice and drug policy as well as sharing a personal account of his interactions with Kleiman. It is a fitting tribute from a journalist who Mark held in high regard and a publication to which he contributed frequently over the past few years.

Mark Kleiman, an intellectual giant in criminal justice and drug policy, died at 68 years old on Sunday due to complications from a kidney transplant, his sister confirmed.

Kleiman, who last worked as a public policy professor at New York University’s Marron Institute, was known for his imaginative approach to policy. He had a knack for breaking through simplified public debates and finding alternative answers to complex problems. As Stanford drug policy expert Keith Humphreys put it, Kleiman “was one of the most creative criminal policy experts of his generation.”

German Lopez on Kleiman

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