Eric Goldwyn Is Featured

in Jay Caspian Kang’s NYT Column

Director of Transportation and Land-Use, Eric Goldwyn, is featured in Jay Caspian Kang’s New York Times column, “We’re in the Middle of a Climate Crisis. We Need Big Ideas.” Kang suggests, “Seriously, just give everyone a free e-bike,” and asks Goldwyn what he thinks:

So the first thing I’d say is that transportation enables access to jobs, housing, schools and opportunity. Anything we can do to expand people’s range of opportunities strikes me as worth thinking about....

We need to try different things if we are serious about shifting people out of cars. Electrifying the transportation fleet is unambiguously good. Reducing the deaths, injuries and damages associated with car crashes is good.

This kind of plan also allows for other things to happen around land use. In addition to allowing for more density, we can create a more inviting street if there aren’t cars zooming through them.

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