Anthony Flint on Planet of Cities

+ Brandon Fuller

In August, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy will publish Planet of Cities, the latest book from Solly Angel, a scholar here at the NYU Stern Urbanization Project. In his recent post for, Anthony Flint offers a preview of the themes Solly addresses in the book:

“Most people who desire to live in urban areas will already be in them by 2100, but by that time it will be too late to act,” Angel says. “If the land required for public works or public open spaces is not protected from encroachment before it is developed, it will be next to impossible to ensure the orderly development of cities to make them more efficient, more equitable, and more sustainable.”Angel is effectively sounding the alarm — urging local and national governments, civic institutions, international organizations and concerned citizens to make minimum adequate preparations. For example, he says, it is vital that cities acquire the rights-of-way for arterial roads that can carry public transport and trunk infrastructure and protect selected open spaces from encroachment in advance of the coming expansion.

Read Flint's full post here.

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