NYU / Saturday Mar 11,2023
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

NYU New Cities Conference

Innovative Approaches for Urban Transformation in the Global South


The Charter Cities Institute and NYU Marron Institute of Urban Management are co-hosting the NYU New Cities Conference on March 11th. The conference will bring together urban planners, economists, and practitioners to discuss innovative approaches to urban transformation in the Global South, with a focus on urban expansion and new cities.

There are over 250 new cities being constructed in the Global South. If approached carelessly, these projects may develop into the same dysfunctional, exclusionary, and ineffective urban environments prevalent in much of the developing world. However, if executed well, new cities can become engines of economic vibrancy.

The conference will feature an engaging set of academic and applied presenters, including speakers from the World Bank (Private Cities, 2022), the Charter Cities Institute (Governance Handbook, 2021), IGC Cities, and the NYU Marron Institute (Ethiopia Urban Expansion Initiative, 2022). We will also host discussion panels with Nobel Prize laureate Paul Romer, Chair of the Cities that Work Council Edward Glaeser, economist William Easterly, and scholars from the Marron Institute. The conference will take place in-person, but presentations will be recorded and posted online afterwards.

We are excited to have you join us at the conference. There is limited space, so RSVP today. If you have any questions, please reach out to Tommie Thompson at tommie@cci.city.

About Charter Cities Institute
Charter Cities Institute (CCI) is a nonprofit dedicated to building the ecosystem for new planned cities. It was founded on the idea that a fresh approach was necessary to tackle humanity’s most pressing challenges: global poverty, rapid urbanization, conflict, migration, and climate change. Charter cities—new cities granted a special jurisdiction to create a new governance system—can be an integral part of the solution. CCI’s work is focused on providing technical assistance to governments and developers interested in establishing their own charter cities.

About The NYU Marron Institute of Urban Management
The NYU Marron Institute conducts innovative applied research, working with cities to take on critical challenges of urban living. Cities are central to economic development and the entrepreneurial and technological advances that improve the human condition. But urban density has a downside: it can exacerbate pollution, overburden infrastructure and public services, and increase the potential for crime and violence. We are championing a new model of academic research to address these challenges and improve the opportunities available to the billions of urban residents around the world.