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The IF Project for Adults in Custody

Assessing the Benefits of an Introspective Writing Program

The IF Project, created by Kim Bogucki, is a prison program that focuses on introspective examination of past decisions and behaviors in an effort to help participants make better choices in the future. In discussions and in writing workshops, participants are encouraged to reflect upon their life choices and to identify optimal paths for the future. The program includes a six-hour intensive writing workshop and bi-weekly meetings to discuss writing exercises and homework assignments. The program aims to increase positive self perception and improve emotional, behavioral, and cognitive functioning. In an evaluation of the IF Project in two facilities in Washington State, pre- and post-program surveys found statistically significant increases in respondents' perceived ability to avoid antisocial behaviors.

Recently, Professor Angela Hawken's BetaGov team partnered with the Alabama Department of Corrections to evaluate the benefits of the IF Project at Limestone Correctional Facility, a men's prison. In a small pilot project, the team found that residents who were randomized to participate in the IF Project writing program experienced a significant reduction in anxiety compared with residents in the control group.

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