NYC Energy & Water Performance Map

In partnership with the New York City Mayor's Office of Sustainability, Professor Constantine Kontokosta and his research team at NYU recently launched the NYC Energy & Water Performance Map. The website provides an interactive platform to view, query, and analyze seven years of energy, water, and carbon emissions data collected under Local Law 84 for more than 20,000 properties in New York City. Users can compare buildings by energy use, water use, greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity, type, size, age, Energy Star scores, and other metrics. Users can also see how individual buildings perform against their peers in any given year or over time. The site is searchable by address and borough-block-lot (BBL). Data from all queries can be downloaded.

The site is designed to assist the real estate industry, city agencies, and the general public in better understanding pathways to steep reductions in GHG emissions over the next 30 years. This tool is fully scalable and transferable to other cities and large portfolios. If there is interest in using the platform in other metro areas, please feel free to reach out to the Marron Institute at

NYC Energy Performance Map

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